Unified Comms Innovation

Unified Communications are being adopted by organisations large and small, more so with the adoption of Office 365 and Lync / Skype for Business. QT-X have launched a whole UC practise to develop products complimenting the platform as we have proven using UC instead of traditional communication has improved customer and employee interaction and responsiveness. This also means UC becomes a critical component of your compliance and governance program.

Lync Survey

Survey users over lync, quickly and easily. Manage responses, retries and aggregate comments and stats.

Lync Train

Deliver centralized training and examination material over Lync, monitoring and tracking when users have watched videos or responded to appropriate questions/IMs.

Presence and Message Capture Platform

Dynamically capture, hot‐filter and persist IM messages for eDiscovery in a centralized guaranteed way. No need for a 3rd party archiving database, this integrates using the UCMA toolkit at the core of Lync. Support for Video and Audio will be added shortly. Also captures availability and presence data in real time via SIP – noting when users are busy, available or away, and for how long.

One example of innovation is the way these solutions use the status of contacts in your directory in a smart way, this raises the engagement ratio of customers and employees in your programs.

At QT-X we are passionate about technology and are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe that all inventive ideas – no matter how big or small – deserve the chance to grow