Technology Agnostic Cloud Deployment

Born out of QT-X’s own software development, demonstrations, and testing requirements, we created a solution that enabled us to respond with extreme agility, control costs absolutely, and use time efficiently.

This platform is now available as the CloudExec product, there is no need to provision your own environments or be tied into a single cloud provider any longer – just define your requirements and go! Save Time, Save Money – save energy setting up environments.

As cloud infrastructure and platforms become universal, the ease of implementing development test systems, labs and even production systems needs to become provider agnostic, low cost and offer Environment-as-a-Service (EaaS).

CloudExec dynamically monitors IaaS market prices, and uniquely bids for time, orchestrates the setup of the environment with the specified software, and figures out the best platform at the current time to create and run the environment on. The CloudExec EaaS solution, unlike any other, also offers billing control, and through the multi-user web-based interface, allows delegation of budgets to EaaS consumers.

We designed CloudExec for extremely fast provisioning, enabling significant cost reduction and user control: without cloud vendor tie-in.

CloudExec allows:

  • Quick cloud creation
  • Infrastructure and application provisioning
  • Cost Control for the whole organization, individual users and groups
  • Scheduled and just-in-time configuration

At QT-X we are passionate about technology and are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe that all inventive ideas – no matter how big or small – deserve the chance to grow