Intelligent Integration Connectors

Accessing data in proprietary systems is often difficult and complex. The QT-X Connector Framework was designed to make it easy to connect to all proprietary systems via one single interface – either a fully featured component interface (CF API) or a storage interface (OS API) – and access a wide variety of systems in a high performance, high fidelity abstracted way.

The Connector Framework API allows migration vendors, e-Discovery vendors, archiving vendors, Governance vendors and others to access systems without having to perform complex integrations. Future proof your technology by adding new connections to systems without having to even recompile code. Massively reduce cost and shorten time to market with our fully supported connectors in the Connector Framework.

The Connector Framework converter and connector library is a plug-and-play subscription license for one or more connectors or converters, or object stores like Amazon S3 or EMC Centera.

A snapshot of our most popular currently supported connectors are:

  • EMX
  • S1
  • EV (Direct)
  • Quest AM
  • AmazonS3
  • Azure
  • EAS
  • SharePoint
  • EMC Centera

At QT-X we are passionate about technology and are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe that all inventive ideas – no matter how big or small – deserve the chance to grow