Data Science & Intelligence for Business Communications

Designed to give transparent access, statistics and strategic organizational goal setting capabilities for communications and employee efficiency. Our data science technology works to motivate an organization and its employees to improve communication.

Through a single pane of glass it becomes easy for hierarchical goals to be set for all levels of the organization, to see how and where email and IM communications are being generated, and give a quick and clear indication of Positive/Negative sentiment in communications.

Glass: Get a clear overview of your organization and the types of data, originators of communications, and last contact points for contacts, departments and resources. How much data is flying around your organization, and how far is it flowing? Think Google Analytics for Email.

Analyze: Understand email and IM communication flow in your organization. Who is generating the email? Does the communication fit within your organization’s communications profile? Who is talking to key partners and vendors, and are communications at a cross-purpose?

Goal: Set goals for your organization, department heads, employees and resources and monitor them against actuals. Whether that is resource utilization, ensuring employees maintain efficient schedules, work only within the “Golden Hours”, or ensuring key contacts work with key partners at specified intervals. Goal will automatically monitor communications goals for you, and prompt your team to reach out effectively.

Team: Team is designed to show you the current locations of your team; who are in meetings together, and whether people are at their desks or not.

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